• Kyra Auffermann

    Kyra Auffermann

    I love sleep. - E. Hemingway

  • Hjalm


    I believe in the sanctity of the individual. I believe self-determination is the most fundamental human right. I believe in humanity.

  • Johnathan Nightingale

    Johnathan Nightingale

    Editor of https://mfbt.ca. Partner @rawsignalgroup. Board @creativecommons. Former CPO @Hubba, GM @Firefox. Dad. | It’s all made of people.

  • Sergey Timanin

    Sergey Timanin

  • Michael Barshinger

    Michael Barshinger

    CEO / Developer

  • Hashpanel.io


    Manage, Monitor, and Secure your network of Bitcoin Miners - in style, with the ability to customize w/ your unique branding. Open Beta soon.

  • Bob Gourley

    Bob Gourley

    CTO and Co-Founder of OODA CTO. Also find me @CTOvision and @OODA. National Security, Cyber Security, Enterprise IT

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